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Prime Metrix College offers relevant skills development courses and training that meet industry needs and develop work skills that enable our graduate learners become industry specialists who are leading professionals in their fields. 

Our success lies with approaching each and every learner as an individual with unique needs, requiring unique assistance, support and advice to make informed  choice in professional skills programmes options, free career counselling, tuition support and on-the-job practical training experience, Prime Metrix College delivers so much more than a mere education, we offer HANDS-ON PRACTICAL TRAINING..

Browse our Web site for more information about Prime Metrix College (Pty)Ltd. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Prime Metrix College (Pty)Ltd representative regarding our Training Services and Driver Agency, please e-mail us at info@primemetrixcollege.co.za or call us at +2711 027 4409.

At Prime Metrix College (Pty)Ltd, we “shape work skills of highest perfection..

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Unlike many unregistered institutions in South Africa, Prime Metrix College offers Hands-On Theory and Practical training to Male and Female learners. Practical training is conducted on-job.

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Hands-On Practical Training

Prime Metrix College offers Courses/Unit Standards that are registered by The South African Qualifications Authority.

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SAQA registered qualifications

The college is in the process of Accreditation with the Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA).

TETA Accreditation

The College will son be registered with the Department of Education, Accredited by Umalusi and other relevant SETA/ETQA for all the Qualifications and Unit Standards.

Hands-on Practicals

SAQA registered qualifications

TETA Accredited College

NQF Aligned Unit Standards

Fair Assessments by Qualified Assessors


Prime Metrix College is a full-service Private Provider for Further Education, Training and Skills Development. Prime Metrix College will be concentrating on providing high quality Furtgas weldingher Education, Training and Skills Development at lower prices to ensure affordability by the youth and young adults of all races, gender and background with interest to obtain a Further Education and Training qualification or, Skills Development qualification that will enable them to be employed and also leading to future learning towards a National Certificate in the following fields:

  • Lifting Machine Operation
  • Professional Driving
  • Construction Plant Operation
  • Freight Training
  • Welding and Metal Fabrication
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Technology
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Machanical Engineering
  • Water Purification and Sanitation

Through specialized training of staff and innovative learning systems, Prime Metrix College (Pty)Ltd is cutting edge in terms of Further Education, Training and Skills Development. Thedup truck training curriculum, coupled with custom design facility and low Instructor /Educator: Learner ratio ensures a top shelve service for learners and high quality competent graduates for the future workforce.

Furthermore to ensure that every person can learn /study at Prime Metrix College, the college management has made financial assistance available to learners by offering in-house financial services. Every learner can apply for a study loan with easy payment options. The study loan is not a bursary. For more information visit our campus, call or go to the Study loan page.

The college has developed an effective Quality Management System to ensure the highest quality of the training offered. Click on the headings on the right hand side of this page to read about the College’s Quality Assurance.

College with a difference

The primary purpose of the Prime Metrix College is to provide a learning environment in which staff and learners can discover, examine critically, preserve and transmit the knowledge, skills, wisdom and values that will help ensure the survival of this and future generations and improve the quality of life for all. The College seeks to help learners to develop an understanding and appreciation for the complex cultural and physical worlds in which they live and to realize their highest potential of intellectual, physical and human development.

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